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Yogesh Talekar July 13, 1999 07:50

Code optimisation for C on LINUX
Can anybody tell me where to get tips to optimise a code written "C" or "c++" on LINUX red-hat 5.2 version Thank you

clifford bradford July 13, 1999 17:28

Re: Code optimisation for C on LINUX
if linux is like other versions of unix, read the 'man' page and use the compiler options relevant. you may have to play with them a bit but they'll really help. use the 'time' and 'size' command to check your codes runtime and RAM usage respectively

Nuray Kayakol July 14, 1999 04:48

Re: Code optimisation for C on LINUX
Where can I down load LINUX red-hat 5.2 version ? Thanks

Yogesh Talekar July 14, 1999 05:40

Linux download
You can download at some of the Linux ftp servers like or you can just pay for some CD (About 2.5 $) Also there are some BOOKS on LINUX where the CD is geven absolutely FREE!


Nuray Kayakol July 15, 1999 01:41

Re: Linux download
Thanks for your kindness. There are many books. Which one could you recommend for beginners ?

Yogesh Talekar July 16, 1999 06:31

Re: Linux Book

A book entitled "LINUX UNLEASHED" will be the most useful book. You can even buy "UNIX UNLEASHED" book if the Linux CD is given free!

There is no harm in buying Unix book as there is not much difference in the two!

I am not a expert in this area nor even i have done any cource in computers. But i can tell you that if you get a CD with Linux 5.2 or higher you can install linux on your own by following the instuctins that appaear on the screen. Otherwise there are many *astard people in software to fool you for nothing!

So good luck



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