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gerardosrez April 27, 2012 12:35

Comments about CVFEM proposed by Baliga and Patankar
Hi CFD colleagues,

I've recently read this paper...

Alexandre Lamoureux & B. Rabi Baliga (2011): Improved Formulations of the
Discretized Pressure Equation and Boundary Treatments in Co-Located Equal-Order Control-Volume
Finite-Element Methods for Incompressible Fluid Flow, Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals:
An International Journal of Computation and Methodology, 59:6, 442-472

After read it I developed a code (MATLAB) of this method for driven cavity flow without success.

Have someone written a code similar to this?

I have several comments about the way they calculate central coefficients, according to the paper its calculated in this way:

ap_i = sum(anb_i) - E_i*Vol_i + (algebraic approximation to net mass flow out of CV_i), where

ap_i = central coefficient of node i
anb_i = neighbor coefficients of node i
E_i*Vol_i = source term dependent of node i variable value

but the the last term is reffered to the algebraic approximation to net mass flow out of CV_i and I don't know what this stands for. Also the paper states that this value at steady state is zero so you can drop it from the calculation to improve the solution.

this and many other subjects makes me doubt about the code I'm developing...

if any of you have advices it would be for great help

thanks in advance...

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