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ray hong July 13, 1999 11:26

Fluent documentations
Hi! There,

Does anyone know whether it is possible for us to have the documentations of Fluent V5, especially, from the web site?



John C. Chien July 13, 1999 23:55

Re: Fluent documentations
(1). Unlikely for free, but I think you can send e-mail to the vendor to order a set of users' guide, I think if it's available. (2). Sometimes, I do get free copies of reports or books from government lab sites. But I don't think the code you are interested was written by a government lab. (3). Why not use the code's online help? Most codes have the users' guides included in the help menu.

Francisco Saldarriaga July 15, 1999 17:06

Re: Fluent documentations
Fluent is a licensed software that is available to either educational institutions or private enterprises for a fee. Normally Fluent will train you for the use of the software and will make available to you cases and bibliographical information. Of course their work and compilation of information does have a price and many items are propietary. As John says the best option is to ask Fluent. Normally they are very helpfull.

Phil Greenfield July 21, 1999 14:00

Re: Fluent documentations
Fluent recently opened up a user area that has documentation available there, actually looks very good ! But ... I think you have to be a registered user to get access, at least that's how it works for me.

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