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Dong Ye October 13, 2005 13:02

Who can find me this fortran code 'CHEMR'?


CHEMR is a computer program to construct reduced reaction mechanisms for combustion simulations. Using these mechanisms the computation time of combustion simulations can be reduced enormously without loosing too much accuracy. The code is automated to a high degree: only the detailed reaction scheme and the number of degrees of freedom have to be provided by the user. Currently, CHEMR is designed for the generation of intrinsic low-dimensional manifold (ILDM) tables, but it will be extended to new methods like Flamelet-Generated Manifolds and Phase-Space ILDM. The code can be used to construct multi-dimensional manifolds for any detailed reaction mechanism. CHEMR produces a library, which can be linked to a standard CFD code by using user-defined subroutines. |


Could u email to my mbox

andy October 13, 2005 17:02

Re: Who can find me this fortran code 'CHEMR'?
If you have a research problem to solve then contact him at Eindhoven. Most good researchers are more than happy to discuss and share their work with other researchers.

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