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yunusrulz April 28, 2012 07:19

Delta wing simulation
Hi guys, I am modelling a 3D Delta wing in Gambit. basically, am reproducing the results of old journal paper. It consists a sphere around it for external flow and Delta wing in its center. Sphere does not have any sections. If it is like that, how to define Inlet and Outlet and Farfield in the sphere??.

siw April 29, 2012 10:20

I'm going to guess that you are using FLUENT to solve the flowfield (Gambit is a mesh generator). Also, I'll guess that since it's a delta wing you are modelling at a compressible flow regime Mach number. You can apply the FLUENT farfield boundary condition to the entire surface of the sphere (no need to divide in up for an inlet and an outlet). From memory you just state the freestream Mach number components and fluid properties.

atg July 19, 2012 16:09

I'm doing the same thing in OpenFoam 1.6. I'll try leaving the hemisphere as an outlet and see if that works.

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