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lola October 15, 2005 22:09

visualization with matlab
dear all,

I have obtained some results of my numerical simulation and now I need to visualize them. As I don`t have any commercial tools at my disposal other than Matlab, I`m trying to visualize the results using that software.

I want to make a 2-D contour plot of a field data, and I have written a M-file like the following:


load('zet') / 'zet is the field data'


rangex=[0 0 n 0];

rangey=[0 1 n 1];

rangez=[0 2 n 2];

x=dlmread('zet',' ',rangex); /x is x-coordinate array

y=dlmread('zet',' ',rangey); /y is y-coordinate array

z=dlmread('zet',' ',rangez); /z is the data array



The file was successfully compiled, and the graph window appeared, but there was nothing in the window except axis x and y.

Could anyone help me solve this problem please?

Thanks so much for your kind help



javaid October 18, 2005 03:22

Re: visualization with matlab
MATLAB include facilities using MEX file to call C & FORTRAN routines from within MATLAB. Also you can use MATLAB engine to call MATLAB functions (including those of Data visualization) through C or FORTRAN program. The MATLAB document which discuss MATLAB API and external programming provided neccessary details along with examples.

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