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Dmitry Paramonov July 13, 1999 16:49

FSI/FIV Expert Needed
Fluid-Structure Interactions and Flow Induced Vibrations Expert

Position Title: Senior Engineer or Senior Engineer B

Duties: - Lead acquisition or internal development of state-of-the-art analytical capabilities in fluid-structure interactions (FSI) and Flow Induced Vibrations (FIV) at Westinghouse Science and Technology Department, Pittsburgh, PA - Develop analytical models of FSI and FIV phenomena in nuclear reactor components and particularly fuel assemblies of Pressurized Water Reactors, and incorporate these models into CFD and/or FEA codes - Provide specification, followup and data evaluation of appropriate experiments

Education: Ph.D.(prefered) or M.S. in mechanical, nuclear or aeronautical engineering

Experience: At least four years' experience (including dissertation/post-doc experience) in development and application of FSI and/or FIV methods and tools

Key Competencies: - Experience with CFD, FEA, FSI and FIV methods and codes - Fortran and/or C programming experience - Parallel processing - Parallel and cross flow vibrations in incompressible fluids - Structural/mechanical design - Good oral and written communication skills - Publications record - Capability to work in a team and eventually lead other personnel

Contact: Dr. Mario D. Carelli at

Mark Rist July 27, 1999 11:39

Re: FSI/FIV Expert Needed
I don't know of a person that is looking for this kind of position, but I do know of a commercial code that is suitable for Fluid-Structure Interaction calculations.

CFD-ACE+ by CFD Research Corporation has an add-on module, CFD-FEMSTRESS, that allows you to do coupled fluid-structure interaction calculations. Please see our website at for more information.

John C. Chien July 31, 1999 12:48

Re: FSI/FIV Expert Needed
(1) Does this commercial code you mentioned has the equivalent capability of a senior engineer to solve nuclear reactor related fluid-structure-interaction problems? (2). If a code can solve those problems, then it would be easier to put the code in the control room and everything will be solved. Why would one still need a code when a senior engineer may have the answer already in his brain?

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