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yas October 23, 2005 06:16

m.peric code
Hi every body I'm using (M.PERIC 2D FVM COLLOCATED GRID,CODE) In this code i have to implement constant flux B.C,as source terms e.g qs=su+sp*Tp (Tp temperature of considered node) how can i do this?

sorry for intrupt

taw October 23, 2005 07:22

Re: m.peric code
Can you refer to book by Fletcher, Volume 2, 2nd ed., page 340-341, It is for velocity b.c. case discussed, but it would stiil be similar, and I think you will set, the heat flux eqn as , ie -q''/k=dT/dx=1, and in similar fashion you discretized the main equation you discretize the dT/dx accordingly and get your new b.c. equation. When you dimensionalize it you use the right scaling to get realistic q",

... but if only it helps, and I didnt see Perics code for a while too, good luck

adampaya September 14, 2012 02:05

Hello everyone
I have some challenge in using the peric code
For example consider 2DGL, when I generate the gird for the geometry, what's the next step??? Should I use the Caffa.f or user.f ????
I read the read me file, but I don't understand.:mad:

Thanks for your help.

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