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leo_NM May 8, 2012 20:54

COMSOL vs ANSYS (external flow)
good night

I went to one of the COMSOL workshops and saw that the multiphysics capabilities of the software impressive but, when the romance of the presentation finished, I concentrated in doing what I'm familiar with in the trial version they gave to us.
I'm not one expert in CFD or FSI but I found it difficult to do one simple 3D simulation of a (selig 1223) wing. The turbulence models of comsol are very small in number and the solver worked like a tired horse.

Am I doing something wrong or ANSYS CFX is really a better software for external flow ?

Someone that worked with COMSOL and CFX or even FLUENT can tell the differences on results accuracy and configuration possibilities for this type of simulation ???


madhukar_m_rao May 11, 2012 00:27

Why don't you compare the results and performance against one of the open source CFD codes? (There are quite a few of these: openfoam, gerris, openfvm, dolfyn, etc. )

Good luck.

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