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Boying Lin October 29, 2005 08:25

How to get data out of figure?
My own numerical results will be compared with experimental results reported in an article. However, there are only figures and no numeric data in the article. How to accurately get the coordinates of points in a figure?

agg October 29, 2005 11:43

Re: How to get data out of figure?
scan the page and then use Plot Digitizer, a Java application (very easy to use) available for FREE

Boying Lin October 29, 2005 21:35

Re: How to get data out of figure?
Thank you very much!It's a great help for me!

taw October 30, 2005 11:37

Re: How to get data out of figure?
Hi both Bo and Agg,

I was able to learn a lot with the posting since I was also in the middle of a dialemma how I would be validating results I obtained from my simulation with the graphs or plots in papers or other publications. I was considering a lengthy process to reproduce some of these graphs which would by itself would have taken me a considerable effort, but I think possible.

But my question here is using scanning as the the software usage explains, based on my reading the website cited by agg, acceptable by journal publications standard, i.e. referring the prominent publications. I mean we can only get near figures and there could be order of difference from the calculated and the software reading, thogh i dont still tried one yet.

I really appreciate your feedback, esp agg, and any related experience.


agg October 30, 2005 17:36

Re: How to get data out of figure?
Once you try the software and compare the resulting graph with the one in the paper, I think it will answer your question.

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