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sbaffini May 17, 2012 10:28

Remapping boundary condition for LES - a paralell/data-structure issue
Dear all,

i'm implementing a remap boundary condition for LES in Fluent (please, don't stop reading, it is a very general issue not concerning Fluent at all).

It is essentially based on copying flow variables from a specified internal surface to a specified inflow boundary and using them as boundary condition.

At this moment i have a data structure of the following kind:

inlet_PROC_i, inlet_f_i, remap_PROC_i, remap_f_i

where the grid faces over the two surfaces are coupled by processor id and local face index (e.g., the i-th face couple is such that the face inlet_f_i belonging to the process inlet_PROC_i has to read the face remap_f_i belonging to the process remap_PROC_i).

Now, while this data structure contains all the necessary information to proceed, i am looking for a data structure which is more fast to be accessed, some data structure which allow me to enter with a face-processor couple and immediately know (without searching) which process-face i have to call to obtain the required information.

Of course i also need the complementary data structure, which allows the generic process to know if it has to send something, which face has to be sended and which process is the destinatary.

I can even use a certain number of data structures (i'm not limited to 2)
but i'd like to stay on simple int matrices. Other limitations are those from the C language.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

sbaffini May 17, 2012 16:06

I solved my problem, thanks anyway.

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