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Lisa Eastep July 15, 1999 10:10

Fluent vs. Fidap
Hi everyone,

I was hoping for some input from those of you out there who have used both the Fluent and Fidap software packages. I am modeling a turbulent combustion reaction chamber in 3-D. There are 4 injectors located in the walls of the vessel, 1 inlet at the bottom and 1 outlet at the top. Currently I am using Fidap 7.62 (soon to be updating to Fidap 8). The question is, based upon your experiences, which do you find easier to use (most user friendly, most robust in terms of convergence), which provided the "better" results (i.e. more "accurate" solution for computer and user time spent)? I realize that these are two different approaches to CFD (finite volume vs. finite element) but am interested in you opinions/experiences with these two software packages. Please keep in mind that the users aren't CFD specialists or computer scientists but rather materials engineers interested in modeling a process.

Thanks in advance for you input,

Lisa Eastep

John C. Chien July 16, 1999 00:13

Re: Fluent vs. Fidap
(1).With your background, it doesn't matter which code you use. You can try out the first code and then move on to the second code. (2). I think, sooner or later, you will find out that 3-D turbulent reacting flow simulation is reserved for the dedicated experts only. For the time being, do ignore my second comment because there is always exception.

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