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Mecobio November 7, 2005 13:55

kinematic viscosity at diff temperatures,pressures

I'm looking for the kinematic viscosity of the following fuels at high temperatures > 700 k, but also, at low temperatures < 700 k for different pressures:

- Propane

- Methane

- Hygrogen

Please, remember that at low pressures, a decrease in temperature causes the viscosity of a gas at low density to decrease while it causes the viscosity of a liquid to rise. At high pressures, an increase in temperature causes a decrease in viscosity of a gas. The viscosity of liquids usually increases with pressure at constant temperature except for the water.

Usually, the viscosity given in tables, charts is the dynamic viscosity (mu) in Pa s. As the kinematic viscosity (nu)is the desired one where nu = mu / rho then, the value of the density rho at such temperature and pressure should be included in the charts, tables, etc.

Someone here on CFD-Online wrote in 2003 that:

propane viscosity = a + bT + cT^2 (Pa.s) a= 4.9120001e-07 b= 2.712e-08 c= -3.8059998e-12

but some equations are limited under a range of temperature.


1- From where the above equation come from?

2- Has any body see a book with charts, table, equations including those values?




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