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ray hong July 15, 1999 16:32

periodic BC in fluent & gambit
Hi! there,

Could any one tell us how to use the rotating reference frame using fluent v5?

Sorry, we do not get any useful information from the online help of fluent.

Thank you very much!


John C. Chien July 16, 1999 00:28

Re: periodic BC in fluent & gambit
(1). I learned how to use the earlier version of the codes by following their tutorial examples offered at the training session. I didn't attend the training session. (2). They have a couple of dozen such examples with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. The rotating reference frame is always confusing regardless of the code you use. You really have to follow the exact instructions. (3). Try to get a copy of such example first.

Tom July 16, 1999 01:34

Re: periodic BC in fluent & gambit
Hy, as John said: read the tutorials. There are some examples in the tutorial-manual 3: an axial-stage, a centrifugal-blower ... In general: you must define different fluid-zones. In the rotating fluid-zone, you select in the boundary-conditions-button Moving-reference-frame instead of stationary. So you have additional centrifugal and coriolis-forces in that fluid-zone.


Phil Greenfield July 21, 1999 13:55

Re: periodic BC in fluent & gambit
One key point, the centerline of the rotating axis has to be aligned along the x-axis, if this helps.

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