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electromagneticseasy June 1, 2012 01:12

Electromagnetic Theory
Fundamentals of electromagnetics

The Electric Field due to discrete charges and continuous charge distributionís and their electric fields Electromagnetics,Electromagnetic fields,Electro magnetism,it electric field using different methods for different charge distributions. Electric charges uniformly distributed on an infinite and finite line, infinite shee. The electromagnetic course and will be highly helpful for the students and who are interested in learning electromagnetism book will emphasize first on learning the Fundamentals of electromagnetics,Electromagnetic notes and Electro Magnetic Theory. Free Online notes are available through Electromagnetic lectures

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The following sample electromagnetic lecture notes will give you a feel, the way in which the electromagnetism will be taught in this website, through online lectures and how these lectures simplify learning electro magnetic fields. I have made an attempt to make the electromagnetism subject easier for engineers and physics post graduates through these online lectures

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