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Davoche November 14, 2005 05:38

too bad convergence
Hi everybody, I'm in trouble with a finite difference code to resolve a Poisson equation in a channel.

I have a 3D problem with Neumann condition in one direction and the others are periodic.

In regular mesh, it works perfectly but as soon as I use an stretched mesh ( even very very smooth ), my SOR ( or other relaxtion method ) converge on large residual ( about 0.1 ).

I have no idea how to get a good convergence.

Thanks for your help.

Mohsen November 17, 2005 14:30

Re: too bad convergence
Have you seen this?

Davoche November 20, 2005 06:08

Re: too bad convergence
Thanks for your response, I've already seen it but it doesn't correspond to my problem. In my case, Pressure equation is inviscid, and it doesn't converge ( nor diverge )even for very smooth stretch.

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