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delic June 1, 2012 21:58

Pressure drop momentum source model
I wrote a pressure drop momentum source model for a CFD code and I am having problems with unrealistically high density (causes low temperature via gas law) in the source volume, particularly in low velocity areas. It is almost like the density rises instead of the static pressure dropping in those areas.. (Ptot=Pstat+1/2rhoV^2). The code solves the five rho, rhou, rhov, rhow, and rhoe.

The source model is fairly simple. Force=Pressure*Area=A*V^B*AreaOfCell where A and B are the constants to a power fit and V is the velocity component. A pressure drop is computed for the x,y, and z directions.

I tried linearization of the source terms, damping, relaxation, etc with no luck. I tried running laminar and invisicid with same results. I feel like I am missing some major piece of the physics or numerics or something.

If anyone has any ideas/hints I would love to hear them, especially if you have written a pressure drop/fan source model in a CFD code.


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