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zonexo November 14, 2005 10:47

Recommend Visualization software for FVM

i'm looking for a easy to use visualization software to visualize the data i obtain from the FVM code. I was using tecplot but it doesn't seem to be very suitable. there also seems to be some errors when i try to interpolate the values when using cell center display.

since i'm using fortran, i hope the data format isn't too complex. it should preferably be able to show cell center and node center values at the same time.

of course, if it's free that's even better....

thanks alot!

Renato. November 14, 2005 11:39

Re: Recommend Visualization software for FVM
You can try to use Paraview ( It's free and easy to use (for me...).

I've been also using Fortran and among several file formats supported by Paraview I've been using the Ensight 6 format. By this way I can use both softwares to visualize my results.

here you can download my Fortran routines to write primitive CFD data in Ensight format


to find other visualization softwares see the following link:



Fabian November 14, 2005 13:28

Re: Recommend Visualization software for FVM

I would recommend paraview, too. And for further calculations: octave with the octaviz package :)


zonexo November 14, 2005 22:42

Re: Recommend Visualization software for FVM
Thanks alot! I'll give paraview a try, together with Renato's fortran routine.

zonexo November 15, 2005 00:18

Re: Recommend Visualization software for FVM
hi, may i know if there's any manual or tutorials to help get started? thanks

Renato. November 15, 2005 07:47

Re: Recommend Visualization software for FVM
This is the problem...

Despite being free, Kitware sells the user guides and courses for their softwares - they need to earn money from some place, of course ;o)

But, I can tell you that Paraview was the easiest visualization software I've ever faced with and I think you won't have problems working with it.

There was a short user guide for the version 1.6 available in Paraview's website but I can't find it anymore, so let me know your mail that I can send it for you...



note 1: Don't forget to download the tutorials data.

note 2: My routines write only the geometry and result files for velocity and pressure. You'll have to write a very simple casefile in order to load Ensight's file in Paraview. You can find examples of casefiles in the tutorial data or in the Ensight's guide I've zipped with the routines.

zonexo November 15, 2005 11:30

Re: Recommend Visualization software for FVM
hi thanks again. my email is

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