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Dave November 14, 2005 11:47

"Continuous Memory" Errors in COSMOS FloWorks 2005
Hello all,

When solving more than about 500,000 cells, I always get an error similar to the one below--only the numbers change:

"Failed to allocate requested continuous memory block of 101980480 bytes (97.256 MB) due to memory fragmentation! Memory Diagnostic:

Largest Continous Available Memory Block 79755263 bytes (76.061 MB)

Requested Continous Memory Block 101980480 bytes (97.256 MB)"

I'm running a dual-core Athlon 64 4200+, 4GB RAM, latest student edition of Solidworks/Floworks for Windows XP. Solidworks/Floworks doesn't seem capable of using more than 2GB of RAM (even with 3GB Physical Address Extensions enabled in Windows), but that should still be enough to solve a 1 or 2 million cell problem, right?

I'm not a CFD engineer; just an ME student trying to analyze a race car's aerodynamics for a school project. I can't simplify the model much more than it already is.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Andrew Hayes November 14, 2005 12:10

Re: "Continuous Memory" Errors in COSMOS FloWorks
I think that might be a virtual memory error. I am not too sure how to tell Windows in what order to allocate memory, but you might want to try defragging your hd. Again, I am not sure if that will help. Also, you might want to try a smaller amount of cells. See if you get an answer, then increase the cells and see by what percentage your answer changes - sort of a 'number of cells' check

zxaar November 16, 2005 20:03

Re: "Continuous Memory" Errors in COSMOS FloWorks
i think it is related to memory allocation. The memory usually is allocated in continuous chunk of blocks. and the available block is smaller than needed so allocation fails.

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