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Chris Bailey November 15, 2005 17:11

ALGOR? Its scripting language? Compare to Fluent?
Can anybody comment about ALGOR?

Does anybody know what its scripting language is like?

Can you compare it to Fluent (the package I know best), or FloWorks/SolidWorks, or FlexPDE?

My application is CFD and heat transfer with industrial forced air convection heating, primarily automated parametric studies. Am considering trying ALGOR. Primary motivation is the difficult scripting language Fluent uses.

Thanks! -Chris

diaw November 15, 2005 21:19

Re: ALGOR? Its scripting language? Compare to Flue
Algor does not solve the conservation, momentum & energy equations simultaneously - as required for a full solution of the N-S equations. It is not able to solve momentum + energy eqn for fluids - only momentum.

IMHO, Algor will give you some pretty pictures - but that is about all. It is also excrutiatingly slow. I have many years experience with their offerings, but more recently I only concentrate on the solid-stress applications. For the rest, Algor is simply not up to scratch. Their marketing hard-sell policies also leave a lot to be desired. IMHO, avoid them if you can.

Fluent would be the way to go for true multi-physics.


cfd-cfd November 16, 2005 17:58

Re: ALGOR? Its scripting language? Compare to Flue
Try CFD-CADalyzer

I hear it is integrated with CAD packages, so it can recognize parameters created in CAD and uses them to run parametric studies.

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