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Harish November 16, 2005 17:06

N-S non orthogonal grids
Can someone suggest references for navier stokes equation in non orthogonal grids.


Michail November 16, 2005 18:28

Re: N-S non orthogonal grids
What are You interested in?

I discovered some issues about. I worked with FVM and I needed to discretised N.S. on non-orthogonal structured grids. Some description I found in M. Peric book.

Also I can reccomend following

look here

hope this helps

Best Wishes


Michail November 16, 2005 18:42

Re: N-S non orthogonal grids
Also see here appendix

Harish November 17, 2005 23:53

Re: N-S non orthogonal grids
I have a 2-D problem which i want to extend to 3-D and non orthogonal grid makes it easy to make the grid align with the body.Have you seen something of this kind.


zxaar November 18, 2005 02:05

Re: N-S non orthogonal grids
o ya i have seen it, fluent uses it :)

p.s. : spend some time with perics book, it will be clear.

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