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Aditya November 17, 2005 09:31

Supersonic flow past cavity
Can anyone suggest some papers for unsteady Supersonic flow past cavity.

ganesh November 17, 2005 12:52

Re: Supersonic flow past cavity
Dear Aditya,

Please check out the paper by Rainald Lohner on "Adaptive Remeshing for compressible flow problems". I am not very sure if the title is exactly the same, but it almost is.



Salvador November 17, 2005 13:40

Re: Supersonic flow past cavity
Check Hillier in JFM and articles within

Lionel Larchevêque November 18, 2005 11:49

Re: Supersonic flow past cavity

Up to M=3, subsonic and supersonic cavity flows are mostly similar. So if you are not focused on hypersonic flow, it could be of interest to also read about subsonic / transonic flows. If you are, see Hillier as suggested by Salvador.

First there is an old review with plenty of references interesting from both theoretical and historical points of view:

N. M. Komerath, K. K. Ahuja and F. W. Chambers, 1987. " Prediction and measurement of flows over cavities - a survey. " AIAA Paper 87-0166.

Here are some experimental and theoretical papers that could be useful :

H. H. Heller, S. E. Widnall, J. Jones et D. B. Bliss, 1973. " Water-table visualization of flow-induced pressure oscillations in shallow cavities for simulated supersonic flow condition. " Acoustical Society of America 86th meeting(Paper Z13). (very difficult to find)

H. H. Heller and D. B. Bliss, 1975. " The physical mechanism of flow-induced pressure fluctuations in cavities and concepts for their suppression. " AIAA Paper 75-491.

K. K. Ahuja and J. Mendoza, 1995. " Effects of cavity dimensions, boundary layer, and temperature on cavity noise with emphasis on benchmark data to validate computational aeroacoustic codes. " Contractor report no 4653, NASA, april 1995.

M. B. Tracy and E. B. Plentovich, 1997. " Cavity unsteady-pressure measurements at subsonic and transonic speeds. " Technical paper no 3669, NASA, december 1997.

E. J. Kerschen and A. Tumin, 2003. " A theoretical model of cavity acoustic resonances based on edge scattering process. " AIAA paper 2003-0175.

From a CFD point of view, in case of turbulent flows, RANS performs generally poorly on such configuration and supersonic LES are not so common. Nonetheless you may have a look at:

D. P. Rizzetta, 1988. " Numerical simulation of supersonic flow over a three dimensional cavity. " AIAA J. 26(7), pp. 799"807.

B. R. Smith, 2001. " Large eddy simulation of a supersonic cavity flow with an unstructured grid flow solver. " In: DNS / LES - progress and challenges : proceedings of the third AFOSR conference, C. Liu, L. Sakell and T. Beutner, ed., pp. 783"790. Greyden press, Columbus, Ohio.

D. P. Rizzetta and M. R. Visbal, 2003. " Large-eddy simulation of supersonic cavity flowfields including flow control. " AIAA J. 41(8), pp. 1452"1462.

Hope this helps,


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