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Rajiv Kumar July 16, 1999 12:40

Fluid Dynamics

I'm am a high school student who is deeply interested in fluid dynamics and how it works with chaos. I plan on doing an experiment dealing with both subject matters. I needed help by some of the distinquished people here. I would like to know where I could get resources of where I can learn more about fluid dynamics, what kinds of calculations are involved, equations, variables. Please help me as I am looking forward to performing an intense experiment for three years.

Thank you for help.

John C. Chien July 16, 1999 21:38

Re: Fluid Dynamics
(1). There are only two places where you can get more information about fluid dynamics. (2). One is the school. And the other is the library. (3). Start learning how to use a library first.

yogesh July 17, 1999 01:53

Re: Fluid Dynamics
If you are familiar with Newton's laws, derivatives, integrations i.e. some basic calculus. then you cabn read a book called "Physics Fluid Dynamics" by Tritton. I sdon't know much of the experimental things but i think you can read some Mechanical or Civil Engineering TEXT BOOKS and discuss with the faculty of engineering what they do in practicles in the engineering syllabus.

Best of luck

reyman July 19, 1999 12:24

Re: Fluid Dynamics
Its very encouraging to see young people starting early in learning about those things that interest them. Read the book that yogesh suggested, go through the libraries reading through books on fluid dynamics, physics, and math if you haven't already done so. Write down all the things that you know about fluids. Then write down all the things you wish to know. Make a step by step plan with target dates and method that you will use to find out what you don't know. If you have three years to do this, try to stick with learning those things that have already been done and written down in books and articles. Then when you get to a point in college where you have access to nice fluid dynamics experimental equipment, you will have a very solid background. Study math the hardest. Don't forget to take time to play games and sports with your friends. Soccer is fun. And you get to think about fluid dynamics of the ball going through the air as well as collision physics after you have kicked it. Good luck.

clifford bradford July 21, 1999 15:04

Re: Fluid Dynamics
Rajiv, good to see you're getting into such an advanced topic early. since you seem to be a web man i'll give you a few links to help. try: it has links to pages with fluid dynamics instruction for high schoolers as well as more advanced fluid dynamicists. as a piece of advice it is better to start reading at or below your level of knowledge. if you get in over your head you waste time, get bored and discouraged. if you read the first chapter and can't understand anything then you're over your head. since your project involves chaos you might want to read James Gleick's "Chaos" which you can probably find in your local library (adult section). it doesn't have any equations but it does have descriptions of some experiments that you can reproduce or develop. it is also pretty entertaining. you will find that nobody other than engineers are interested in fluid mechanics so once you get past the "how do planes fly?" books in your school library you'll probably want to go to your nearby college/university and check out books there. I recommend reading whatever introductory books the college kids use (if you know calculus you'll be fine) try also introductory books by John D. Anderson if you can find them he's a really good author who me to understand fluid dynamics (you can gloss over the equations if they get to be too much). anyhow you're doing the right things. ask questions and surf the web you never know what you might find. enter chaos in your search engines and explore. BUT avoid those murder and mayhem sites i don't want you becoming one of those murderous high school kids :) have fun!

Rajiv Kumar July 21, 1999 20:46

Re: Fluid Dynamics
Thanks everyone for your help. This infromation will prove useful in my future experimens. I realize that I'm getting into some very deep topics with this experiment, but i like challenges and if I put my mind to it I can accomplish it. Of course, one can't win the Nobel Prize in one day. Well anyways, thanks for your support and if I have any questions in the future I'll be sure to contact all of you who have donated these hints. Thanks Again!

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