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mahzad June 13, 2012 15:53

Naca0012 simulation data
Hi every one!
I've written a 2D incompressible finite volume code for the computation of laminar low Re flow passing airfoils! I didn't use turbulence modeling,
and I just want to model low Re, incompressible fully laminar flows, I mean(100<Re<10000). I'd searched for some data of naca 0012 (in case of incidence), but the problem is that I couldn't find any experimental or numerical data to validate my results!
So How can I get the reference values of naca 0012 for this sort of very low Reynolds laminar flow ?
Does anyone knows any paper or thesis which can help me with my problem?
can anybody share experiences about validating results in this type of low Re flow?

Thanks for any words in advance!

mb.pejvak June 13, 2012 21:11

hi Mahzad
I browsed a lot to find experimental or numerical results in very low reynolds number, but unfortunately, I ve never found it. In fact this Re range is rarely simulated, I don't know why. however, I have some experimental or numerical results that is higher than the range that you want. if it is useful for you, please send me an e-mail to send them to you.
but if you develop a code, I recommend you to validate your code with result of a software such as Fluent.

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