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Jonas Larsson November 20, 2005 10:01

CFD FAQ Started in the New CFD-Wiki
We finally have a convenient way to collect and archive frequently asked questions and answers from this forum. The CFD-Wiki which was launched today has a special FAQ section which everyone can contribute to. Please don't hesitate to start adding questions and answers to it. There is a direct link to the new FAQ in the yellow menu bar above the forum index (the link currently has a "new" sign next to it).

diaw November 20, 2005 22:49

Re: CFD FAQ Started in the New CFD-Wiki
This is an excellent addition to the Board. It appears to be written in an extremely professional manner. I am sure that, in time, it will prove to be a gold-mine of information to both new & seasoned folks alike.

I personally think that the source code section is a wonderful feature.

Congratulations to Jonas & the Wiki-contributors.


Jonas Larsson November 21, 2005 05:19

Re: CFD FAQ Started in the New CFD-Wiki
Don't thank me, add something yourself instead :) The Wiki really needs support from as many contributors as possible, especially at this important stage just after the first public launch.

Please also note that this is not the work of me or CFD Online only. It is a collective work of many CFD Online users around the globe. CFD Online is just providing the framwork to faciliate the cooperation. Just like with the forums here. The content is free for everyone and is available under a perpetual Gnu Free Documentation License.

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