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Lynn November 20, 2005 12:56

Starting Point to study CFD and code writing
Dear CFD fellows

Is the study of Advanced PDE and its numerical solutions ,which are usually Mathematics Textbooks, is needed before reading a common CFD textbook for self-studying CFD?

And also please recommend one CFD textbook to start to study also for writing codes.

Thanks Lynn

vasanth November 20, 2005 15:57

Re: Starting Point to study CFD and code writing
Hello Friend,

CFD is application of numerical methods to solve differential equations.It is used where the geometries are complicated, the boundaries are complicated and hence very difficult to get analytical solutions to the problems.So it is very important that you understand the different kind of partial differential equations and their analytical solutions(to appreciate CFD).If you directly start with a CFD book it is like you dont know what you are up to.

diaw November 20, 2005 23:38

Re: Starting Point to study CFD and code writing
I would say that understanding the Physics of each term in the N-S Equations, & the combined-effect will take you further than a pure focus on Mathematics solutions. Mathematics is purely a tool for Physicists.

Physics + Mathematics + Numerics => tools for simulation.

I feel that folks often consider that the Mathematics is more important than the Physics. This can never be the case. Understanding of nature -> leads to Physical laws/rules -> leads to mathematical tools for solution -> numeric approximation (term-by-term) (often supplanting the 'pure mathematics' step) -> solution techniques -> candidate answers -> check validity against nature.


queram November 23, 2005 05:31

Re: Starting Point to study CFD and code writing
i think you'll be forced to study the neccessary mathematics anyway. sit down and start to write your own code even now - choose a case of flow and do. soon you'll come to point when you say to yourself "i don't know (why)" and you'll simply have to go to get some math background. and if the math background is not sufficient at the very begginning, you'll encounter a problem at every step you'll make in the code writting and you'll have to keep on turning back to math again and again thus wasting your time...

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