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fiazf June 14, 2012 17:10

Help with resolving a 1000 year old dilemma
I'm new to the forum and my query might seem very basic, but would appreciate an answer.

I came across the works of some medieval scholars who set to determine what is the minimum depth of water that extends across an area 10 cubits x 10 cubits that if you were to scoop water from it, the ground underneath it would NOT appear.
A cubit (elbow to fingertip) for the purposes of this calculation is taken to be 46.2cm. Hence, 10 cubits2 = (10 x 46.2cm)2 = a surface area of 213,444cm2.
I would appreciate if someone could answer what would be the minimum thickness for the film of water to hold across this entire surface?:confused:

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