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akin June 16, 2012 06:55

SIMPLE based FVM lid driven cavity convergence problem
I have been writing a Matlab code for the lid driven cavity for quite some time and I can't find convergence. I want to know how to implement a segregated solver for this problem using gauss Seidel. Can someone help me with a step by step Procedure of solving the u,v and pressure correction equations with segregated approach and under relaxation techniques.

ztdep June 16, 2012 07:53

Which algorithm did you use to resolve the pressure velocity coupling. SIMPLE?
I think you can find the step by step procedure of SIMPLE in PANTAKAR'b book<numerical heat transfer and fluid flow>.
the general procedure of SIMPLE algorithm on staggered system are as follows:

Solve U
Solve V
Solve Pressure Correction
Correct U V and P

repeat the steps until convergence.
Also, in my blog , there is a fortran 90 version SIMPLEC algortihm 2D.

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