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Frederic Felten November 23, 2005 21:52

Serpentine Channel
Hi there,

I am seeking information, experimental data and CFD results for the flow in a periodic serpentine channel! Please share your sources if you know where to get such info or data. Thanks


Srini Arunajatesan November 24, 2005 04:51

Re: Serpentine Channel
Fred, I am not sure about Experimental data, i think there is little to none for the serpentine channel. But recently, there was a phd from stanford : Greg Laskowski, he did a very impressive DNS of the flow field. That should be a decent source. He was last at Sandia livermore. He was Durbin's student.


Frederic Felten November 25, 2005 21:58

Re: Serpentine Channel
Thanks Srini. I'll check it out


dpshaka December 13, 2005 22:41

Re: Serpentine Channel
hello fred :

how can i find that PHD, thank you very much


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