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niaz June 22, 2012 15:50

how to make good Mesh
Dear CFD man
My question is " what feature does a good mesh have?"
how can we check that is a mesh good or not? June 24, 2012 12:37

it depends on your problem. i.e. we can use multi-grid for some problem or not. although we must notice to time scale and space scale ... . finally it's refer on your experience about problems.

sepidecent June 24, 2012 20:56


I have a rectangular box,(450*900*225mm) and a slot (extrude with imprint faces) at the top of the box (450*225mm) that is 10mm at the middle of the box so the centrelin eof the box is at 225mm in x direction.I used multizone mesh with different mesh sizes of 8,7,6,..3mm but in all cases when I look at my data in post CFX,the slot size has been moved about 4mm from the centreline,and I think the problem is with multizone mesh method I can compensate for half elements or any decimal number of elements,scince I need an exact value of variables in CFX post this movment make my results antisymmetric.
I would appreaciate if anybosy knows how to make the mesh process better.


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