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Lu Zhang July 17, 1999 18:00

Conjugate heat transfer
Hi: I try to simulate the heat transfer between solid and liquid (conjugate heat transfer). The only informaton I have right now is the method pointed out by Patankar in his book(calculating the whole region at the same time and using harmonic mean of thermal conductivity at the interface, but how to deal with the density and heat capacity at interface?). Can anyone give me some advice on such problem? Thank you.

Lu Zhang

Hongjun Li July 19, 1999 15:11

Re: Conjugate heat transfer
You may simulate the liquids and the solids separatly. For the liquids part, you may use any fluids solver (Patankar, for example). In the solids, you only need to solve the simple heat conduction equation (for complex geometries, use gridless boundary element method, fast and easy).At the interface, you should match both heat flux and temperature from both sides.

You may look at my paper AIAA 94-2933 "Numerical prediction of fluid flow and heat transfer in turbine blades with internal cooling", By. H. Li and A. Kassab. 1994.

Lu Zhang July 19, 1999 15:37

Re: Conjugate heat transfer
Hi: Thank you for your help.


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