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Gus Nasif July 3, 2012 14:29

Jet Lagrangian Simulation
Hi everybody,
I am working on water Jet impingement with heat transfer, Since I have a continuous jet of water , I used a VOF to simulate the problem and I got a good results , as well as I got a sharp interface between water and air. The issue is that The VOF is an expensive approach and it requires a high resolution mesh and small time step.I am trying to simulate the same problem using Lagrangian approach, and I have few qestion, hopefully somebody can answer them:
  • The first question , is it Lagrangian approach convenient to simulate such problem (Re= 5000), because I have a continous jet and not expecting a break-up.
  • My understanding for the Lagrangian approch is that the size of the injected particles will affect the solution since the incidient weber number is function to the size of particle diameter, the question here how can I define the size of the particle (i.e. shall I use one particle at the same nozzle diameter, or many particles with a constant diameter, or many particles have a distribution size, etc.).
  • The last question, do I need to include a thin film in my model, I am expecting the particle will splash after impings the wall .
Since this my first time of using CFD online, I appreciate if you can send your answer using my e-mail address
Thank you


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