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Proof reading matlab code for SIMPLE and FVM
Hi everyone,
I am very close to completing my matlab code on steady poiseulle flow, using the FVM and the SIMPLE algorithm, although it is not quite working... and i was hoping that some of you smart chaps might be able to have a look at my code and perhaps spot my mistake? it is very clearly described an labelled, and is as basic a cfd problem as you can get, so i'm sure for you guys this is a doddle! (hopefully anyway!) I am going to post it via mathworks file exchange, or perhaps if you send me your email i can send it to you directly. (

I'd really appreciate the help, as i said, it is clear and well labelled, if i can read it, ye definitely can as i am not the most profficient programmer! The goal is to develop an easy to read program that even a beginner in both cfd and MATLAB can understand clearly, as it is almost solely based on VERSTEEG & MALALASAKERA.

Best Regards, Michael

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