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Mateo December 7, 2005 22:58

Question regarding CFD PhD

I received my undergraduate degree in Math and graduate degree in Applied Math. I have very little physics background, however I want to pursue a PHD in CFD.

I want to know how much physics background do I really need to pursue a CFD degree? What particular topics do I need for CFD?

Thank you for your comments,


ty December 8, 2005 23:44

Re: Question regarding CFD PhD
I think you have a good background, since mathmatical rigour is one of the challenges in CFD. But you should know the fundamentals of fluid flow equations, and understand the Navire-Stokes equation, and its diverse assumptions, incompressible, compressible, etc. But the main topic and issues are the subjects of this website, are you comfortable with the issues here, these are the physics of the fluids mostly. bye

Dusky.He December 13, 2005 10:47

Re: Question regarding CFD PhD
Straight-speaking, you have no problem for CFD phd, in my opinion.

buch December 13, 2005 12:02

Re: Question regarding CFD PhD
Hi Mateo,

Like others, I do not think coming form applied maths will be of any problem for you.

Concerning the physics background you need for a PhD in CFD, its depends on the topic you will choose to work on. I mean CFD is quite a large subject, and you can work as well in turbulence modelling, numerical schemes, systems resolution ...


Johan January 5, 2006 04:52

Re: Question regarding CFD PhD
Hello Mateo

During my PhD-years in Turbulence modelling I many times wished I had a better understanding for the mathematical tools and methods, since I came from the physics side of the game.

Got my degree after all, but today my supervisor often employ applied mathematicians than us pure 'aerodynamicists'.

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