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lbmagis July 6, 2012 20:07

how to calculate streamlines in matlab?
hello everybody,
well i am new in matlab and i am using it to simulate a flow by lattice boltzmann method; i obtained a figure(stream function) and dont know how to obtain the streamlines and values in order to compare my work with a benshmark.
please i need ur help:tell me please how to obtain streamlines from figure's matlab(stream function)
thank you very much

houkensjtu July 7, 2012 22:21

Matlab can draw streamline by itself with the built-in function: streamline. If you give it your velocity field, it can somehow draw a streamline picture.

BUT, in matlab streamline is NOT drawn by calculating stream function but by somehow like integrating a pathline. So if you want a real streamline picture, you should calculate stream function by yourself.

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