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Sheeko December 10, 2005 20:27

CFD simulation of round turbulent jet
Hello, I am new to CFD and I want to model a round turbulent jet issuing into a quieschent medium. I am wondering what type of turbulence model to use and what boundary conditions would be used. Thanx a lot for your help

Harish December 12, 2005 16:25

Re: CFD simulation of round turbulent jet
What kind of simulation do you have in mind.? DNS LES or ASM


pkm December 15, 2005 00:59

Re: CFD simulation of round turbulent jet
assuming use of RANS. use k-ep even for the free sheer region, modify the stress terms accordingly, dont modify the constants arbitrarily.

Alex Muthaiah January 6, 2006 05:22

Re: CFD simulation of round turbulent jet
Hey What I personally feel and my thesis work was on Jet Impingment,I found recent Durbins V2F turbulence model (RANS) is extremely good and which gives extremly good results.In additon to u K and Eps equation u have two more V2 and f equations.

try to avoid to use K-Eps model for this problem



Renan Margonar June 18, 2013 20:53

turbulent round jet
Hello , I'm making the analysis of a turbulent round jet.The purpose of this case is to validate the performance of the Reynolds Stress Model for turbulence. It's an exercise of ANSYS Fluid Dynamics Verification Manual ANSYS. Anyone already made this analysis, or can help me?

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