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lepsilon July 10, 2012 10:43

Large Epsilon 3D

CAE system for strength analysis at large strains redistribution.
Within research and development work with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation MSU Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty has developed a multi-platform 3D prototype of the software for computational modelling of strain concentrators generation in a loaded body.

Large EPSILON 3D allows to solve a wide range of strength problems at large strains redistribution for nonlinear elastic and elastic-plastic materials with the generation of holes of different shapes at finite strains for the case where the body’s and concentrator’s shape is known either at the moment of strains concentrator generation or after the process of loading.
Large EPSILON 3D software has been successfully tested, and computational solutions have been compared to well-known analytical solutions.

Large EPSILON 3D software is functionally competitive with such CAE systems as ABAQUS, ANSYS for the concerned type of problems and outgoes them in taking into account the effects of finite strains redistribution. It has become possible due to defect shape or body shape specification in its initial, final or in one of its intermediate states at user’s choice.

Large EPSILON 3D allows to increase the efficiency and quality of project and design work while creating structural elements made from innovative materials able to run at finite strains.

Large EPSILON 3D allows to make computations with console interface and to get their results in formats which can be used for graphic presentation in the programs compatible with these formats.
Large EPSILON 3D program can be used for solving applied or research problems

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