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hoomina July 12, 2012 10:40

ABAQUS CFD- enclosed air- Horizontal cylinder
I want to model a concrete slab with a horizontal cylinder void inside the concrete. It is a thermal analyse where I apply a heat flux to the bottom surface. Within the void heat is transferred by radiation and convection. For simulating heat convection within the void, I use the ABAQUS CFD FSI. I have to define proper CFD boundary condition for CFD model. I decided to assign a NO SLIP boundary conditions ( zero velocity) to horizontal surface of enclosed air and FLUID INLET/OUTLET boundary condition to ends of cylinder with zero pressure. I assigned Fluid-Structure Co-simulation interaction to horizontal surface of air cylinder and heat is transferred to/from concrete with this interaction. The mode has not worked and job was terminated by abaqus. I donít know how to define proper boundary conditions for this model . I would appreciate any ideas from anyone who has worked in a similar area in Abaqus.

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