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Abhijit Tilak July 20, 1999 01:55

k-w model of turbulence

there is some problem in giving boundary condition on w for internal flows. can anybody give reference of some literature on boundary condition for w in near wall turbulent flow.

Alexey July 20, 1999 06:05

Re: k-w model of turbulence
For example, see Menter's article with his k-w SST model F.R.Menter, Two-Equation Eddy-Viscosity Turbulence Models for Engineering Applications// AIAA J. v.32 N 8, 1994, pp. 1598 - 1605 where he gives the following boundarty condition for w at the solid wall: w = const_1/(const_2*delta*delta), where "delta" is the distance to the next grid point away from the wall.

Steve Ciesla July 20, 1999 13:02

Re: k-w model of turbulence
See Wilcox's book, Turbulence Modeling, 1998, 2nd edition.

Jonas Larsson July 22, 1999 16:17

Re: k-w model of turbulence
Ive found that the surface roughness model as presented in Wilcox's book (see post by Steve Ciesla) works best. It is more stable to use than the theoretically correct 1/y^2 asymptotic behaviour and gives as good or better results. If you use a sand grain roughness kr+ which is less than say 4 you will get a "smooth wall" result. I've used this type of boundary condition for many turbine blade heat transfer simulations. All my experience is for very well resolved walls though, there are a few extra things to think about if you have poor wall resolution.

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