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Michael December 18, 2005 09:57

Algebraic Multigrid
Hi, Has anybody information, good books, papers or sites in internet about Algebraic Multigrid. Perhaps somebody also knows, where I can download some simple routines or codes (in C,C++,matlab, FORTRAN). Thank you very much, Michael.

Davoche December 18, 2005 14:02

Re: Algebraic Multigrid
Mgnet ( search in google ) is a good reference

Hubert Janocha December 29, 2005 03:23

Re: Algebraic Multigrid
Example Routines C and Fortran are available in "Numerical Recipes" (not for free) for FAS and linear Multigrid (Brand's version).

I dind't found a better discribtion of Multigrid as in the Book to "Numerical Recipes".

Dealing with Multigrid you should know the Names Milovan Peric and Muzaferia (first of all), and then Hackbusch, Brand, Wesseling, ..., and many other. McCormick collects all this Authors.

Milovon Peric provides example routines for free on the german Springer-Verlag (ftp server address currently not available to me, but you can find out, or I can email it to you). (e.g. SIMPLE-algorithm fully implemented in the smoother-process)

If you can read german language I can email you my all-enclosing 3 papers, written during my time at university. (extensive disciption of linear and FAS, transient, parallel, fully 3D, fully unstructured (but still Hex-mesh), local refinements, Newton-solver as a smoother)

Hubert Janocha

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