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atmcfd July 18, 2012 21:23

Beginning to work in LES - Suggestions needed
Hi all,

I am a PhD student and I am wanting to get into LES code development for my research.As a first step, I would like to write a basic LES code myself. I have started off by studying material on LES and various papers.However, I would appreciate if people in this field could give me some pointers:

1) My approach is to develop a LES code for a very simple and basic test case ( for verification & validation purposes).In fact, I would like to keep it as simple as possible, without diluting the essence of LES.
I am considering a) Flow over periodic hills b) Backward facing step c) Flat plate case etc.
can you guys guide me as to which would be the simplest case to start with?Or some other case (which I may have not mentioned here) you feel would be better for a beginner?
Also considering that I have to write the code from scratch.I am looking for cases which have good literature available and validation data , so that I can cross check.

2) Are there any open source LES codes you know of? I would like to go through some LES codes to get an idea. So far I have found OpenFOAM and UCLA-LES. I am wondering if there are any other codes online which are available and understandable.

I would appreciate any suggestions/references.
Thank you in advance ,for your help.

FMDenaro July 19, 2012 02:43

I suggest:

1) test the 1-D Burgers equation, is a very simple test case in which you can realize how LES works, furthermore you can find several papers. Then, the first step for a 3D code is the homogeneous/isotropic turbulence in a periodic box, a lot of references are available. Last, the turbulence in a plane channel is the most important test-case for wall-turbulence.

2) I think OF is the good choice, further you can also use Code_Saturne

good luck

mazdak July 20, 2012 00:13

hi. i have the same issue with LES. how can i find that LES code? ucla-les

mazdak July 20, 2012 00:22

and also if you have any paper about 1-D Burgers equation which solved by LES
method, could u please send me?

atmcfd July 20, 2012 21:58

Thanks FMDenaro!

I'll look into that!

atmcfd July 20, 2012 22:16


Originally Posted by mazdak (Post 372506)
hi. i have the same issue with LES. how can i find that LES code? ucla-les

Check this

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