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m December 27, 2005 05:46

new programming language?
Hi everybody!

I was curious if there exist some new programming language that is good for numerics (fast), but which is also good for easy creation of GUI? In my work I extensively use fortran for numerical calculations, but I use MATLAB, for instance, as a pre- and post-processor, and which alreday has good GUI options. However, MATLAB solely is rather slow when it comes to extensive numerical calculations and exectuables cannnot be created easy. So, I was interested if there is, maybe, some new languange that is suffieciently fast for numerics, but also allows for easy creation of GUI and executables? Your suggestions are welcome.


TITAN Algorithms, Staff December 27, 2005 07:05

Re: new programming language?

I would recomment that you take a look at PowerBasic for Windows. In my opinion, this is a language too often overlooked. Powerbasic offers low cost, incredible forum support, extensive code archive, superfast and accurate float and long integer operations, extensive string manipulation capabilities, connection to the entires Windows API. Version 8.0 offers fast and easy graphics manipulation.

follow the link:

I am a user of PowerBasic and develop all code using this compiler; thus, this recommendation does not originate with their company.

Kind Regards

Staff, TITAN Algorithms

Renato. December 27, 2005 09:05

Re: new programming language?
I'd stay programming in Fortran and/or C++ and using some kind of new script-based language such as TCL/TK or Python/TK to build the GUI.

These languages can be compiled to speed up the execution time, are fully portable and can be used with VTK to access 3D funcionality.



Harish December 27, 2005 16:16

Re: new programming language?
You can try using qt.


m December 28, 2005 03:07

Re: new programming language?
thanks to all of you guys ...

Adrin Gharakhani December 28, 2005 17:54

Re: new programming language?
Just curious if you've ever had the chance to benchmark the performance of your code (an important CPU intensive component, for example) against a commercial grade fortran compiler. My past experience tells me that even C, which is heavily used and developed, can be as much as 30% slower than fortran! It would be interesting to see a benchmark (we don't use windows here, so I don't have the "luxury" to run a test myself)

Adrin Gharakhani

TITAN Algorithms, Staff December 28, 2005 21:10

Re: new programming language?

I've tested Hyperion-TFS against FlowSciences ( Flow3D; I use Flow3D for comp. slosh modelling. TFS has a fairly decent grind time and for the one-to-one test I performed (incompressible, 3D flow over a block), it was within about a factor of 1.2.

Also, I've clocked PowerBasic against both Compaq VisFortan and the GNU C compiler. In both cases, floating point grind time is almost identical. PB produces lightning fast compact code.

We could sport some tests here if you are interested?

kind regards


Renato. December 28, 2005 23:11

Re: new programming language?
Hi Titan

Besides the performance, what would you tell us about the portability of PowerBasic? I'm saying it because most of the PCs of the world, high performance computing machines and operating systems have some kind of support to C/C++ and Fortran languages.

Certainly CFD codes demand high performance computing machines and "weird" combinations of OS and hardware systems. Therefore, I think that performance and portability are key issues when talking about programming languages. Any Fortran or C/C++ (standard) programmer can run your codes just recompiling it for any OS or hardware at hand.

Furthermore, performance is a very painful think to discuss. We can have codes that run with a wonderful performance with the compiler "X" in the "Y" hardware and the same codes with a terrible performance with the compiler "W" in a system "Z". I've already witnessed codes with good performance in Cray SV1 machines and F90 Cray's compiler and bad performance with Itanium-2 machine and Intel's Fortran compiler.

I've suggested script-based languages to develop GUIs (see my first post) mainly because the programmer could take advantage from the portability that these languages provide.



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