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praveen July 31, 2012 11:33

cobalt mesh format
cobalt mesh contains the set of all faces in the mesh. For each face, it gives

list of vertices forming the face
two cells adjacent to the face (only one cell for a boundary face)

I want to know how the vertices are ordered in the face. Does anybody know ? Is there a place I can see the full description of this format ?

cobalt mesh does not contain cell information. So I have to create cell information (for each cell, which are the points forming the cell) myself. Is there any mesh format which already contains this information in ICEM CFD software ?

praveen July 31, 2012 11:40

To be more precise, say i'th face, face[i] has three vertices


and two cells


If I stand inside cell[0] and look at the vertices and move like this

face[i].vertex[0] --> face[i].vertex[1] --> face[i].vertex[2]

is it going clockwise or counter-clockwise ?

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