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Zake January 2, 2006 13:13

DNS from k-e code
Hi, How can I change k-e code to DNS?.is it easy!?. Thanks in advance

ty January 2, 2006 23:49

Re: DNS from k-e code
I also want to get my hand on that, advise from anyone out there is appreciated, ty

buch January 3, 2006 04:58

Re: DNS from k-e code

It depends on your code ... Things are not just easy as turning off the turbulent viscosity. I mean, to compute real DNS, you may also increase the precision achieved, by changing the schemes (spatial and temporal) and the boundary conditions ... At the end, one can wonder whether it is not better to start your new code from scratch ?!

Good luck


Guillaume January 3, 2006 10:27

Re: DNS from k-e code
Theoretically: reduce the mesh size and the time step below the smallest expected scales of the flow.

In practice: check your schemes (space-differentiation at the order 4 or more, time-integration at the order 2 or more).

Consider acoustic resolution (if yes, your have to adapt both solvers and BC)

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