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CFDtoy January 3, 2006 15:03

Compressibility of water vapor ?
Hello, I want to know the compressibility 'Z' factor for water vapor (due to cavitation)

Temperature : 298 k Pressure : Psat = 2578 Pa

How can I find the compressibility of this vapor? Can somebody suggest me a website/reference or calculation procedure?



Ty January 3, 2006 19:27

Re: Compressibility of water vapor ?
I think you are after a thermodynamic state solver, if so I will suggest this nice book, "Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers by Kenneth Wark (1994)". The book discusses a lot of equation of state solver (eos) which your selection may go according to the accuracy you need, the more accurate one may rather become complex. But one of the most interesting is the Lee-kesseler eos, it needs fewer constanrts. The compressiblity factor table is provided in the book, and you amy also use it for h2o with 1-2% accuracy for the vapour phase, but for the liquid phase with 10% accuracy,

but in your case also a steam table may be enogh and non-dimentionalized best wishes

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