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Nuray Kayakol July 21, 1999 07:40

Advance books for natural heat transfer
I am looking for a book for natural convective heat transfer at advance level. Thank you for your interset

Michael July 22, 1999 08:17

Book on natural heat transfer
There's a quite interesting Ph.D-Thesis on that topic.

R.A.W.M. Henkes: 'Natural convection boundary layers' Tech. University Delft, Netherlands, 1990

Hope this helps a bit.


Nuray Kayakol July 22, 1999 08:58

Re: Book on natural heat transfer
Thank you for your interest. Dou you know the test problem(s) under consideration for this Ph. D. thesis? Best regards. Nuray

Michael July 22, 1999 09:14

Re: Book on natural heat transfer
As far as I remember the natural convection at a vertical heated plate and in a closed cavity was considered. Laminar flow, transitional flow and fully turbulent flow were examined.


Duane Baker July 22, 1999 19:57

Re: Advance books for natural heat transfer
Good books:

1. Burnmeister's Convective Heat Transfer very thourough and excellnet listing of references.

2. Bejan's Convection Heat Transfer: good and covers a few topics not in the classics ie. scale analysis and his "transition to turbulence based on local bucking analysis theory"

3. McGraw Hill's Handbook of Heat Transfer, chapters by Raithby and Hollands

4. Eckert and Drake's classic

5. Waermeatlas: if you can read German a very comprehensive Handbook format

6. Cebeci and Bradshaw: Pysical and Computational Aspects of Convective Heat Transfer......for laminar and turb boundary layers covers some now dated numerical techniques!

My advice: Once you have read the above then start with the interesting thesis and papers but start general and work to the specific!

Good luck.......Duane

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