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Felix January 11, 2006 13:00

KIVA and Segmentation Fault
I am running CI simulations with KIVA 3V. When I tried to inject a large quantity of fuel (tspmas > 0.005) at an early crank angle (ca1inj < 330). The programme always abruptly stopped half way through the injection process, and, shown on the screen core dumped (segmentation fault).

Is there anyone know what does it mean by core dumped (segmentation fault)?

How could I fix the process in KIVA to let it get by it?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Mariafrancesca January 17, 2006 09:03

Re: KIVA and Segmentation Fault
Segmentation fault means that you are using too much memory and that you computer is not able to process further. It can depend on many things. I don't know which models you are using, but could be due to the fact that the break-up parameters chosen generate too many drops or maybe it's possible that you computer is not powerful enough.

Kind regards, Mariafrancesa

Felix January 18, 2006 02:24

Re: KIVA and Segmentation Fault
Thanks for the advice.

I actually found that the problem originated from the snapb.f subroutine that assigned a huge negative value to i4 when it is first called by kiva.f, the main programme. So far, I manually set i4 to zero at the beginning of snapb.f, but not sure if this is okay.

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