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alighaffari August 27, 2012 15:11

loop over all injection streams
Hi every body
I want to calculate the effect of all particles of an injection on each particle via UDF as DPM_BODY_FORCE. For this aim it is needed to search all over particles at every iterations. I have used following functions to do such a search:
cell_t c;
Thread *t;
Domain *d;
Particle *pi;

thread_loop_c(t,d) /*loops over all cell threads in domain*/
begin_c_loop(c,t) /* loops over cells in a cell thread */

But this method is so time consuming because the number of cells in our case's domain is so much. Instead the number of injection streams is fewer in this problem. I have tried to use some functions such as:
Injection *Ilist = Get_dpm_injections();
Injection *I;
loop(I, Ilist)


In order to loop all over injection streams. But unfortunately these functions don't work in DPM_BODY_FORCE in my case that is in windows7 platform. Are there any other functions that can be used for this aim? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

cdegroot August 27, 2012 16:00

You'll get a better response if you post to the sub-forum for the particular software you are using. In this case it sounds like Fluent.

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