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Wonderer August 29, 2012 10:59

Problems with fluid-acoustic coupling for CAA simulations
I am currently implementing a 3D block-structured FD-solver for flow-induced
acoustics based on a hybrid approach using linearized equations, like linearized
Euler Equations, Linearized Perturbed Compressible Equations etc. For numerical
methods, the well-known techniques like DRP-scheme for spatial discretization,
low-dissipation and low-dispersion Runge-Kutta schemes of fourth order,
appropriate filtering techniques as well as reflecting and non-reflecting
boundary conditions are utilized.
For purely acoustic phenomena, that would be mostly academic test cases, the
developed solver works very well and shows good till excellent agreement to
analytical and reference results.

Right now I have come to that point where I want to compute an actual
flow-induced acoustical simulation, but the problem is that I am struggling with
the fluid-acoustics coupling at the moment. I have tried to nondimensionalize
the governing equations with two different nondimensioning approaches, resulting
in acoustic equations dependent of the Mach-number. Nevertheless, the approach
seems not to work.

My question is now, whether anyone has ever implemented a CAA-code?
Furthermore, can anyone give me a hint how to couple fluid results with the
acoustic simulation in an appropriate and correct way?

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