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spitfire September 2, 2012 15:39

Explain GMSH element sizing methods
I have an aerofoil in a circular farfield and want to create meshes of varying element size in GMSH.

I've been using the a) geometry file to change the element size @ certain points and b) the mesh element size factor tool in the GUI and c) the refine by splitting option in the toolbox.

Can someone explain why there are three options/what do they do and how to systematically create a series of meshes? I'd love some help please =)

fportela March 21, 2013 13:56


a) you simply prescribe the target characteristic size of the elements at that point, Gmsh interpolates between these values to generate the mesh.
b) scales all the target sizes by the size factor
c) split elements to create a finer mesh (though I believe the manual mentions the quality of the mesh will be quite poor when using this)

By series of meshes, you mean different mesh sizes for a same geometry? If so, maybe you can just play around with option b).


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